"This complete home inspection gave me the chance to really understand what was happening in my home. It's invaluable and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone whether they're selling, buying or just interested in how to best protect their investment."

Monica S., Cranberry, PA

Why Choose Guardian?

Our company conducts the most thorough & intensive home inspections available.  Most inspections last between 2 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the home.  

All of our reports are filled with color photos and descriptive, easy to read, recommendations and advice.  The discovered issues are listed by priority making it easy for both the homebuyer and seller to understand the issues at hand. We take pride in our reports and

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In add
ition all of our inspectors are covered by Errors and Omissions & General Liability Insurance as required by PA law.

I guarantee you will be satisfied in the knowledge you will gain from the inspection, and confident in your purchasing decision.


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Free 90 Day Warranty with Every Inspection!!!

Free Home Warranty with Every Inspection1

Every new home is warranted by the builder for the first 12 months. After that time period expires, the home owner assumes all responsibility for any repairs. Protect your investment by having Guardian perform an evaluation of your home backed up with a comprehensive report including digital photos that you can submit to your contractor for necessary repairs.

Why do you need a home warranty inspection?

You should make every effort to understand your warranty and protect your investment. Defects in new homes fall into several categories. Among these are obvious material and workmanship defects, and hidden material and workmanship defects. You have probably taken care of the obvious defects. Appliances that do not function correctly and cosmetic issues are two of the most common.

  Pittsburgh Home Inspection

The ones that should concern you are the defects that are not obvious. Improper wiring, small exterior openings where moisture seeps in, and poor drainage are among the most common.

Over time, many hidden defects cause substantial damage to homes. Improper drainage can damage foundations, leading to structural problems. Small exterior leaks can lead to wood rot, mold. Electrical problems often remain unnoticed until a short injures someone or starts a fire.

Unfortunately, these problems often do not always show up within the first year. By the time they become evident, either your warranty has expired or you’re into limited coverage and deductibles. If you have an inspection performed before the one-year warranty has expired, the builder can repair any defects discovered by the inspection under warranty.

Documenting potential problems and obtaining repairs during the first year is much simpler than seeking recourse later. We call this an “11-Month Warranty Inspection, ”because it should be done prior to the one-year “walk-through” conducted by your builder. Recommended time anywhere between 8 - 11 months.
Documenting the condition of your home with a full inspection gives you leverage when your builder conducts the one-year “walk-through.” It will also give you an advantage in the event repairs are not completed satisfactorily.

Building a new home is a complex endeavor. It involves many people, with various sub-contractors working on different parts and systems of the house. Even for the best builders, it’s nearly impossible to complete this process without missing something. Sometimes a plumbing fixture doesn’t get tested for leaks, or an electrical box isn’t working, or another minor problem is overlooked. An independent inspector can find such problems while it is still early enough for you to bring them up with the builder and have them corrected.

If you have any suspicion that there could be a problem with mold, this is the time to have the air in your home tested, before your warranty is up. Materials are often exposed to the elements during construction, Materials are stored outside uncovered. Drywall can soak up enough dampness in an overnight dew to cause indoor air quality problems due to mold. For anyone with allergies or asthma, this is highly recommended and well worth the investment if elevated levels are found.

For a small fraction of what you paid for your new home, a professional inspection can pay dividends in peace of mind and in helping to identify and correct minor problems before they can become major ones.