"Jason was very accommodating and very thorough. I appreciated Guardian Home Inspection's willingness to go out of their way to help the client. I will certainly request their services again and refer them to other Realtors when possible"

Dante W., Pittsburgh, PA

Why Choose Guardian?

Our company conducts the most thorough & intensive home inspections available.  Most inspections last between 2 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the home.  

All of our reports are filled with color photos and descriptive, easy to read, recommendations and advice.  The discovered issues are listed by priority making it easy for both the homebuyer and seller to understand the issues at hand. We take pride in our reports and

But don't take our word for it, compare for yourself:

Our Report

or for about $100 more...

Local Franchise Report

In add
ition all of our inspectors are covered by Errors and Omissions & General Liability Insurance as required by PA law.

I guarantee you will be satisfied in the knowledge you will gain from the inspection, and confident in your purchasing decision.


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Our Certifications, Training, & Memberships

 Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify.

PA Dept of Ag. Registered Pest Inspector

PA Radon Certified Tester

AHIT Trained and Certified

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Free 90 Day Warranty with Every Inspection!!!

Free Home Warranty with Every Inspection1



Free security system inspection
• Free premium system installation

Free conversion of existing alarm

We are pleased to announce an alliance between Guardian Home Inspection, LLC and Brink's Home Security. Brinks Home Security has been the leading name in security for 150 years. Since we do not inspect alarm systems, we sought out an internationally known company that could provide this service for our clients. Brinks Home Security will provide a free inspection of the alarm system in homes that have security systems, or you can get a free home security system with free installation.
This special offer is good for a limited time only, and available only to our clients.
Free Home Security Inspection by Brinks Home Security Division.
Did you know that a home security system could make you eligible for a discount on your homeowner's insurance? You could save 10% or more on your premiums! (Note: rates and discounts vary; contact your insurance provider for details).

Your Free 10-Point In-Home Security Analysis by a licensed technician includes the evaluation of your:
  1. Interior Lighting

  2. Exterior Lighting

  3. Door and Window Locks

  4. Window Types

  5. Shrubs and Landscape

  6. Accessibility to Emergency Contacts

  7. Existing Fire Detection Equipment

  8. Garage Access

  9. Current Security Measures in Place

  10. Signs of Being an Easy Target

Company background
Brink's Home Security® provides homeowners with high-quality, affordable monitored security services through easy-to-use electronic security technology. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Brink's Company (BCO), a publicly traded entity on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and is a Fortune 500 company. Brink's® Home Security has over 2,600 employees and services over 200 markets in 44 states.
For over 144 years, Brink's® has been a trusted name in the security industry. Today, Brink's Home Security® is one of the most respected residential security companies in North America, helping protect over 830,000 valued customers. Brink's® is the name and the reputation you can depend on.
Since there are a variety of security systems, which have different operating procedures and equipment, Brink's Home Security® developed the National Inspection Program. The Brink's® National Inspection Program helps inspection companies provide an additional service by inspecting alarm systems for the homebuyers.

Benefits to the homebuyers
Brink's® commitment to setting the standard for protection services and our tradition of personal attention and customer satisfaction continues to make the Brink'ss® name synonymous with unsurpassed protection.

People you can trust . . .
Brink's monitoring center is owned and operated by Brink's. Unlike other security companies, Brink's does not contract their monitoring service.
Brink's has been a trusted name in the security industry for over 144 years.
Brink's Home Security is the only national security provider to achieve Installation Quality (IQ) Certification endorsed by the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

Easy to use and easy to afford . . .

Up to a 20% reduction on homeowner's insurance rates.
Easy-to-operate system, even for children.

Less than $1 a day for system monitoring.

The Brink's® standard and premium systems are rated as Consumers Digest Best Buys.

Advanced Technology . . .

State-of-the-art, U.L.-listed monitoring center with emergency back-up systems

Quick link to police, fire and medical emergency personnel

Fast and reliable alarms signal through dedicated fiber-optic telecommunications

Advanced Technology . . .

State-of-the-art, U.L.-listed monitoring center with emergency back-up systems
Quick link to police, fire and medical emergency personnel
Fast and reliable alarms signal through dedicated fiber-optic telecommunications
Brink's® is a full service provider. All monitoring and customer care services are handled by trained Brink's® personnel.                                                                                                                                So, who should you call to schedule Your Premier Pittsburgh Home Inspection? There's only one choice to ensure that you get The Peace of Mind you're looking for…that's Guardian Home Inspection, LLC.